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A new academic year – new, exciting challenges

After a year of choral work, radio work, private teaching, university flute teaching and keyboard school work, the balance of my work is changing.  This year there is less private teaching, no choral work or radio work (so far), more university flute teaching and less keyboard school work.  There are, however, two new areas:  1:1 work with an autistic Year 10 girl to support her through music studies for the next two years and whole class instrumental lessons in six different primary schools and I’m looking forward to both and I’m going to blog on both.

I have plans developed for both new areas of work, but I’m guessing both will develop dramatically in the first half term.  Here are the plans for week 1:

Year 10 student.  I have two hours a week with this student at her school.  So far, I’m dividing the work into performance (ABRSM prep test this term); listening and analysis; composition and music as a career.

As far as whole class instrumental lessons go, we’re looking at dynamics, an African song then, depending on the school, between 24 and 32 children will pick up an instrument and play.  Wish me luck.
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