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Concert venues ancient and modern

Tomorrow night I will direct a choir as they sing in the cellarium of Fountain’s Abbey.  Fountain’s Abbey is just outside of Ripon and is a fascinating and beautiful place; it is Britain’s largest monastic ruin and was founded in 1132 by 13 Benedictine monks who sought a simpler life – I’m beginning to like them already!   You can read more about the event and Fountain’s Abbey itself here.

Amazingly the roof of the cellarium, the bit of the Abbey where we will perform, has remained intact.  When it was a monastery,  the lay brothers would eat, sleep and socialise in the cellarium.  And so, it seems a highly appropriate venue for the social act of music making.

I’ve played music in all sorts of venues over the years – major concert halls, cathedrals, village halls, pubs, barns, outdoors, studios, churches and school halls to name but a few.  However, despite all the technological advances in venue acoustics, there is nothing like performing in a venue where musical performance has featured not just for a matter of months or years, but decades and even centuries.  It always feels that if you are quiet enough, you can hear the the music from past performances echoing round the vaulted ceilings and the shadowy corners of these ancient buildings.
And so to the Boroughbridge Community Choir, who will sing there tomorrow, adding their voices to the voices of many other choirs as well as the original monks who have sung in the very same space.  Audiences are often grateful for the pleasure musicians give to them through performing live music.  I can’t help thinking that tomorrow, that pleasure will be equally shared by the choir, for it is indeed a great privilege and honour to join together and perform in such a magnificent setting.




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