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Media: broadcasting, press, recording

“Broadcasting is really too important to be left to the broadcasters” Tony Benn 8

Inspiration & Excellence

Radio work

Tim has been turning into somewhat of a regular at BBC Radio York.  As part of Sandie Dunleavy’s show, he broadcasts a regular fifteen minute slot on classical music, every Thursday night at about 8.15pm.  This work has  also lead on to being a regular guest reviewing the Sunday papers on Richard Staples’ Sunday Morning show.

So, if you are running a live classical music event in North Yorkshire and would like it advertised on a Thursday evening, or maybe you are a broadcaster looking for a specialist  slot on light classical music (either as a one off or regular feature) then please get in touch.

Podcasting / media recording

Tim also offers small-scale recording from my home and has used these for recording some of the spoken voice parts on these podcasts EG Word Live.  Please note, it is not a full-scale studio, rather more suited spoken work and individual instruments.  But, it is a flexible set-up so please send your requirements and Tim will give an honest answer on whether a suitable service can be provided, if not he can recommend an alternative provider that will meet your needs.