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Medicine for the soul

Last Saturday, we drove for about 30 minutes south of York to a small village.  As we walked up to the parish church the lights inside illuminated the stained glass windows with vibrant colour that contrasted starkly against the dark, night shadows.

Inside, some stalwarts of the village community had worked magic with the atmosphere – interval refreshments, tea-light candles dotted around the ancient stonework and even the ubiquitous raffle.  The grand piano was provided and set up by a local piano technician and the soloist, Dr. Mike Ward, is a resident of the next village.  The event – a piano recital to raise funds for the church restoration fund – was enthusiastically supported by over 100 people – easily filling the church.

A technically demanding programme of Grieg, Chopin, Brahms and Liszt, under Mike’s expert knowledge and skill, stretched our emotions and brought order through melody, rhythm, harmony, dynamic  and tempo.  A fusion of intellect, musicianship and execution caressed our ears, engaged our minds and enlivened our spirits.

We forget how replenishing it is to admire beauty for beauty’s sake and this was a revelation of beauty – the illumination of the stained glass windows a fitting prelude to a concert that was medicine for the soul.

Tim Farnhill lives and breathes music and loves to engage and educate aspiring musician to grow. He provides professional music services from private tuition (flute lessons, piano lessons, keyboard lessons) through to conducting, composing and arranging for choirs and orchestras. To find out more about Tim and the breadth of services he can provide, please visit