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Never happens to Gareth Malone

I went to Ripon yesterday to lead a choral rehearsal.  The Skelldale Singers are a very worthy choir of some 100 voices – they rehearse in the centre of Ripon and are led by my good friend Liz Linfoot.  Liz is enjoying the arrival of her new baby boy (Noah – how apt) so I am looking after this choir and one other for this term.

Yesterday, I left Tollerton on my motorbike to travel to Ripon for the rehearsal.  I went through torrential rain, which is no fun on a motorbike on dark, country roads.  It got worse.  I travelled down a hill to get to the bottom and found myself riding through about a foot of water for about ten or fifteen feet.  I was lucky to stay on my bike.  I was also drenched.  Goretex my clothing maybe – but even that couldn’t resist the flood waters.

So, I arrived 5 minutes late looking like a drowned rat.  Thankfully, I had a change of clothes to lead the rehearsal.  A very kind couple from the choir led me out of Ripon after the rehearsal to the relative safety of the A168 and so I made it home.  I returned home at about 10.30 very tired, wet, cold and not a little bit stressed.

Still, next week will be better.  Won’t it?

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