“My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require” Edward Elgar


Inspiration & Excellence

As teachers, we can have the privilege of seeing the first musical ‘spark’ in children that can lead them to a life-long journey of musical discovery – either as a hobby or for a career.

Over recent years Tim has led or been in involved several successful music education projects in schools. If you are looking at any musical educational project, from regular class teaching to one-off special events to inset days for teaching staff then Tim will be delighted to help and lend his expertise.

Tim can lead sessions for more musically minded students working in smaller groups or ensembles, take classroom sessions on any musical aspect of the national curriculum, oversee large-scale choirs/orchestras where everyone is involved or train teachers on specific parts of the music national curriculum. Participants in sessions always gain practical, music-making skills as well as furthering their musical appreciation and understanding.


Tim is an experienced school teacher at secondary level and has also worked many times with primary school students.


Below are some examples of the work Tim has successfully carried out; however, if you have an idea for anything involving music in your school or organisation and would like some help then please contact Tim.

The Magic of Soundwaves

This is a one-hour workshop for primary aged children introducing them to music technology. We explore soundwaves covering what they are and also, what they look like when we record sounds on a computer.

The second half of the workshop focuses on practical music-making and then recording students’ work.

The Wonders of Chocolate

This one-hour workshop for primary aged school children is based around the life and achievements of Joseph Rowntree. It involves children learning a song about Joseph Rowntree, then composing raps all based on chocolate.

Song-writing – getting started

This is a flexible workshop on song-writing. Typical topics cover lyric writing, song structure, use of harmonies, melody development and arrangements. Tim can also arrange follow-up sessions on re-writing and further developing song ideas.

Musical Structures

Using chocolate bars and other memorable approaches Tim helps students to understand different musical structures and appreciate the impact on listeners and performers.

Christmas musical events

Tim has led choirs and groups of instrumentalists performing in Christmas musical events in many different settings including cathedrals, churches, outside venues, school halls, community centres and old people’s homes. Whether you are looking for someone to support teachers in preparing children for a nativity play or taking a lead in designing a Christmas event in a local church or cathedral, then Tim can bring wide experience and success to your event.

Public examination music support work

Tim has successfully taught GCSE, A Level and BTec Music and loves to offer help to students – either in groups or one to one on any aspect of these curriculums. As an example, GCSE students can often struggle to develop the necessary listening skills for their all-important listening and appraisal examination; BTec Music Technology students often need extra help with keyboard skills and knowledge of musical theory; students may appreciate extra support for A level coursework. Tim can help in all these areas and more. If your class or child are struggling in an area of musical study and a different approach might help, then please contact Tim.

Fee structure

This is negotiable based on the project; this work is usually charged by the hour or day, depending on the nature of the work.