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York Keyboard School

Inspiration & Excellence

York Keyboard School is an exciting new keyboard school in York, offering keyboard lessons to students of all ages in groups of up to three.

What are the benefits to me of being taught in a group?

There is a long tradition of teaching piano and keyboard students in groups and this is still common in major international colleges and academies.  The advantages include that:

  1. You can see others learning, which can inspire your own learning.
  2. A little, healthy competition can motivate you to succeed.
  3. You will hear a wider range of repertoire and style.


Will I use my own keyboard?

Yes, there are three student keyboards in the classroom and the groups are limited to three in a group so everyone has their own keyboard during the lesson. Each student uses headphones so they can continue to play and practise throughout the lesson.

What happens in a lesson?

Each student has their own development plan.  Students receive individual instruction during the half hour and most lessons include the opportunity to listen to and play for each other.   This approach aims to combine the best of individual tuition with the best of group tuition.  You will be with students who are at a similar stage in their playing to you.

Who will teach me?

Lessons are taken by Tim Farnhill, who is a highly qualified and experienced musician and teacher.  For a summary of Tim’s training and experience, please click here.

Where do lessons take place? 

Lessons take place in schools throughout the week and at a weekend.  Please contact us for more information.

How much are lessons?

Lessons are £10 for a half hour lesson.  Lessons are charged termly at the beginning of each term.  Payment is by electronic transfer to:

Account Name:  T Farnhill
Sort Code:  40-47-45
Account number:  11459694

Payment is also accepted by cheque and cash, however an additional charge will be made for this.

The charge for lessons also includes a tuition book, practice notebook, termly parent report and termly informal student recital.